Workshops Available:

Because…Be a Cause!

Does your organization have the next great idea for creating social impact? Whether you are a non-profit or for profit organization, sharing in the betterment of our world has bottom line results. In this workshop, Lynn tears down the walls of hesitation to make your non-profit and social entrepreneurial vision clearer and more attainable.  Subjects include:

  • 501c3 intimidation; don’t let paperwork hold you back
  • Board paranoia; the initial board does not need to be comprised of experts
  • Program originality; command the aha factor
  • Volunteer flexibilities; break the mold
  • Beneficiaries outreach; set up for success
  • Partners without ego; avoid reinventing the wheel
  • Money resources; tap the untapped
  • Impact Expectations; start with the vision of touching one person

Vision for Change

Lynn Price shares a thought-provoking, problem-solving blend of relatable stories that serve as the catalyst for change and sustainability.  Using her book, Vision for Change: A Social Entrepreneur’s Insights from the Heart, Lynn reveals the formulas to plant seeds and grow forests, incorporating small action steps to large visionary landscapes.  Her laser sharp focus regarding ideas, originality, inside-preneurial skills, ethical fiber and impact introduces powerful and compelling leadership lessons for taking action and making a difference in our world via corporate and non-profit ventures. Topics include:

  • Innovation; Explore why your innovation is mandatory in our society
  • Creativity; Unleash your imagination to captivate attention
  • Entrepreneurial Skills; Understand your DNA and related expertise to indulge action
  • Ethical Fiber; Celebrate your morals that gather advocates in mutual support
  • Impact; Determine your rules of expectations

Because Siblings Matter

Camp To Belong

Siblings are often taken for granted; yet they are most often times our longest relationships in life. 75% of children placed in foster care are separated from at least one sibling. Add the numbers separated by adoption and relative placement and you have countless youth void of a bond that shapes our entire lives. Through real life stories, research and resources, Lynn features sibling definition, reasons for separation, life span impact and practice standards. Lynn weaves her corporate and non-profit entrepreneurial leadership experiences as examples that catapulted her visions into international collaborative ventures.

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