Mentoring & Coaching

Founders, Executive Directors, Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs


Lynn empathizes with founders who passionately live their vision. She guides them one step at a time with reality checks, business insights and expertise towards launch of their organizations through exit. She helps discern:

  • ‘ownership’ and delegation,
  • embracing competition,
  • strategically replicating,
  • accepting execution is not a race,
  • recognizing there is a method to the madness,
  • acknowledging making a difference alongside making a living
  • and that benefit of the doubt is a non-negotiable.

When it is time to pass the baton, Lynn not only works with the founders on letting go most effectively, but also with the people taking the baton to understand the mindset and expectations through and after transition.


Often times, emotions become the catalyst for being unreasonable when starting or transitioning a labor of love that is often our businesses.  You’ve given blood, sweat and tears in its creation.  It may be difficult to separate the passion from the business with mentors or coaches who haven’t experienced the same.


Lynn is an entrepreneur who has launched several new for profit businesses and non-profit organizations, moving them from start up to hand off.  She strives to balance making a living with making a difference.  Understanding the strains of starting from scratch, selling or transitioning, she has a compassionate way of validating emotions, balancing intentions  and establishing a realistic understanding of change.

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