Survivor One, Survivor Two

The first time, foster care.

The second time, cancer.

Many words are used to describe Survivors.  Resilient. Bold. Victor.

My word; Fortitude.

“strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage.”  Merriam Webster Dictionary

The individual who experiences mindfulness.  The unexpected shock takes time to wear off.  The sea of professionals and their roles take time to understand.  The anticipated path ahead takes time to accept.

Above all is our mind to choose what to think about and care about.  To engage selective listening from those with solutions and gut instinct from remedies inside of us.  To invite people in and extend boundaries around others.

People have remarked about my positivity as inspiration.  I have had my moments of disbelief and negativity; however they are replaced with living in those moments with gratitude.

It is the strength of mind to overcome and to put mind over matter.  I belief that fortitude has allowed me to be vulnerable and transparent with focus on the wonderful outcomes of foster care and cancer surrounded by communities of angels.  All of us courageous.

Survivor Three.  The third time.  Everyday life.

Each of us are individuals who may encounter danger or bear pain or adversity in our lives.  It is not a comparison or competition, it is realistic and relative.

Each of us can display fortitude and Overcome Mind Over Matter.  I invite you to  think it Over with gratitude.