Why Lynn?


While childhood was a challenge spending all but eight months in foster care – I chose to surround myself with people who love me unconditionally, supported me with sincerity and accepted me without judgment. I ‘beat’ the statistics and among many leadership roles and esteemed accolades and press, one of my ventures is a positive way of giving back – by highlighting the positives within as well.

Proven Success.lynn_price_pic

Succeeded in and after the ‘system.’ Bio, foster and adoptive mom. Volunteer as long as I can remember. For Profit (/Price & Associates/Marketing on Demand) founder-sold business which is still alive, Emerging (ESPN, Group W Satellite Communications Cable Networks) at launch times, and non-profit (Camp To Belong).

Demonstrated Impact.

Look where ESPN is now. Price & Associates was sold in 1994, rebranded to Marketing on Demand and continues to service some of the same clients. It is currently also making  a difference in the number 1 annual fundraising event in the telecommunications industry. Camp To Belong has reunited over 9000 siblings separated by foster care, adoption and other out of home placement/affected legislation/ increased recruitment of families to foster and adopt siblings/new definition of siblings in all families.