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Keep Your Circles Small

So often, we seek advice, counsel and affirmation from others when we make choices in our lives.  I  want to expand on the concept of keeping your circles small small when saying yes to pursuing the passions that live within you.together-235128_1920_peoople_circle

First, let’s remember that keeping your circles small when presenting your ideas will yield better results. So oftentimes, we feel we need approval to soar into and execute our wildest imaginations.  We ask far and wide, ‘what do you think,’ feeling confident others will understand exactly what we are talking about and will jump in the trenches with us through their expressions of approval.  We think that, in evaluation, they will contemplate the reasoning, the nuances, the challenges and the triumphs.  We just know they will see it, feel it, smell it, taste and hear it just as we do.  We are sure they can read our minds and will be right there with us in an enthusiastic fashion to support our realization of our dreams.

But not everyone comes alongside so willingly.  We need to remember that not everyone sees our visions a clearly as we do.  They don’t know what we know and at the time of decision or indecision, they may be contemplating their own experiences and not necessarily ours.  They may even have a similar story to share of what didn’t work rather then an unbiased opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of our ideas.

The truth is, you don’t know what will work until you work it!  So instead I encourage you to use every sense of your imagination with a short list of comrades that know you and are willing to trust with your intentions and intuitions without all the commentary.  Let them hold you accountable to the implementation and evaluation of the outcomes rather then the choice of pursuit – placing themselves in your mind and heart for the reality checks needed when planning actions towards achieving your dreams. Utilize them to continue to go forward with discussion and remember, the only approval you need is your own.   Say yes!